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Architectural Digest, April  2022

The Rise of Kitschy, Themed Vacation Rentals

In the fall of 2020, Eva began renovating what would become known as Grandpa’s Pool House, a late ’70s/early ’80s dream home with lots of wood paneling and an indoor pool. An hour north of the Twin Cities, the home is located in the small town of Stanchfield. 

Mpls St. Paul Magazine, April 2022

A Time Warp Vacation Rental 

Some of her family members thought she was crazy. But despite receiving cautionary advice after her grandparents, Vernon and Gin passed away, St. Paul native Eva Slattery opted to take her inheritance in the form of their run-down 1980s rambler in Stanchfield, Minnesota. 

Twin Cities Live, February 2022

Grandpa’s Pool House

You can boogie on down and travel back in time to the 70’s with a visit to a vintage vacation rental just an hour north of the Twin Cities. Reporter Kristin Haubrich takes us inside the retro residence known as Grandpa’s Pool House.

Racket, January 2022

Built by Grandpa and Left to Rot, This Vacation Rental Was Resurrected as a Retro Wonderland

Growing up, Eva Slattery never associated her grandfather’s house with fun. Grandpa Vern, a devout Baptist who forbade dancing and drinking, built churches for a living, and he constructed his Stanchfield home with leftover materials in 1980. The beams and soaring ceilings are unmistakably churchy.

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